Can Alternative Treatment Procedures Be Effective? – The Truth Behind This Thought Process

It is true that traditional cancer treatment is not always effective. In fact, it often does not lead to complete curing. For this reason, some patients diagnosed with the condition might possibly decide to opt for an alternative treatment. It is worth discussing the effectiveness of these alternative treatments in greater detail.

Acupuncture has gained popularity as a helpful alternative cancer treatment. Several clinical trials have been performed to test the effectiveness of this method. The evidence shows that this form of traditional Chinese medicine treatment can provide for the boosting of the immune system. In turn, the body is more capable of fighting the disease.

However, the extent to which acupuncture is effective has not been determined. Additionally, there are medical forms of treatment that are designed to use the immune system for fighting cancer. These show a good level of effectiveness, but they are usually combined with other traditional treatment forms, such as surgery, for instance. Given all this it can be said that acupuncture may aid cancer treatment, but this alternative treatment cannot be used on its own.

The traditional Indian Ayurveda medicine and its methods can also be used as alternative cancer treatment. This type of treatment is designed to achieve a perfect balance between mind, body and soul with the use of different techniques. Even though these techniques have shown positive effects in coping with anxiety and pain, there is no medical evidence that they work to kill abnormal tumor cells. This is applicable to yoga as well.

Aromatherapy and essential oils are also sometimes used as an alternative form of treatment for cancer. Research results show that this therapy is effective for anxiety and depression relief. The topically applied oils have mild anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects as well. However, these forms of therapy cannot treat cancer in any way.

This is true for hypnosis and other mind-body methods. It has been suggested that you can do everything using the power of your mind. This includes making a tumor disappear. The reality is that there is no clinical trial or any other kind of scientific evidence that the mind-body methods work. It is true however that hypnosis has shown positive results in helping patients cope with traditional medical treatment and with post-treatment side effects.

It has been suggested that a specific type of diet can treat and cure cancer. One of the most popular types of this form of alternative cancer treatment is Gerson therapy. It recommends the use of a detox diet plus nutritional supplements for releasing toxins from the body and curing it from the tumor. There is no scientific evidence of any kind to support the claim that Gerson therapy can treat cancer.

Similarly, the Gonzalez regimen, which includes the use of a specific diet as well as the intake of enzymes, dietary supplements and extracts from animal organs, has not been proven to work. Research on it is limited and results are conflicting. The intake of coenzyme Q10 is also sometimes used as an alternative cancer treatment, but there is no evidence of any kind that it can work effectively.

There are different pharmacologic and biological treatments that are used as alternatives to traditional medical forms of treating patients with cancer. These therapies involve the intake of different medications, complex natural substances and hormones. These are not designed to treat cancer, but it is thought that they might. Some of the most notable forms of pharmacological and biological alternative cancer treatment include the intake of antineoplastons, hydrazine sulfate, 714-X, laetrile and amygdalin.

Bovine and shark cartridge and the Newcastle disease virus are also used for treating cancer. The evidence for the effectiveness of all of these substances is inconclusive, if not missing at all. It is particularly important for patients undergoing traditional medical treatment not to adopt any of these methods without discussing it with their oncologist.

Overall, it can be safely said that the alternative cancer treatment has not been proven to be effective. Some of its forms may be effective as complementary to the traditional treatment. However, it is equally true that some of its forms can be possibly dangerous for patients.

It is particularly important to keep in mind that there are scammers offering alternative forms of curing cancer to ill people and their families in exchange for money. Given all the information presented above, no one can guarantee effective alternative treatment and cure.

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Acne Alternative Treatment 101 – Your Guide to Treating Acne the Alternative Way

Acne treatments, especially the acne alternative treatment forms, are being sought after with an increasing aggressiveness today. Most pharmacies online and offline are recording all-time-high sales in acne treatments. The available statistics on acne-afflicted individuals are not very reliable since most cases remain unreported. It is widely believed however, that over two thirds of Americans are suffering from acne currently. That is a phenomenal crisis we are talking about here, and thus the need to comprehensively understand the available treatments.

Why Acne Alternative Treatment is More Appealing

Acne is not a surface condition. It accrues from clogging of skin pores by the oil naturally generated by your skin. These pores help the skin execute its excretory and respiratory functions well. Without those pores, bacteria easily accumulate alongside other toxins. The combination initiates the accumulation of dead cells around the skin (lesions) that can be irritating and painful.

The problem with most conventional treatments is that they are lotions, ointments, oils and other surface treating approaches. When you apply more greasy substances on the already clogged skin, you aggravate the problem rather that solve it. The best they can achieve is removal of scars while the bacterial problem remains under the skin to create some more scars.

The acne alternative treatment methods target the problem-causing bacteria and in so doing, eliminate the acne from its roots. Advantages of acne alternative treatments> include:

o Amplify the overall body health besides treating acne

o The heal the source of the problem and not the surface symptom

o Less expensive

o Readily available for all patients

o Have no side effects

Examples of Alternative Acne Treatment

1. Mineral and Vitamin Supplementation

Acne originates from a clear deficiency of some essential vitamins that support the growth, maintenance and functionality of the skin. When such vitamins as A and E as well as Pantothenic Acid are found in deficient levels, severe acne will be the consequence.

To prevent or remedy such deficiency with high intake of fruits and vegetables so as to get essential minerals is important. Even more important are vitamin supplements, which actually do cure acne. In naturopathy, vitamin supplements used alongside skin cleansers and herbs remains the most effective alternative acne treatment.

2. Light Treatment

Another alternative acne treatment in contemporary use is light treatment. The method utilizes ultraviolet rays to clear acne accumulation. This method of treatment requires the guidance and opinion of a professional dermatologist.

3. Herbs and Herbal Extracts

In most women and especially teenage girls, acne is caused by imbalances in hormone levels. This can however be rectified using such herbs as, chaste berry, dong quai, black cohosh, evening primrose, red clover and wild yam. According to leading herbalists, these herbs help to balance the sometimes-mischievous female sex hormone, estrogen. They also counterbalance the androgen, which is the hormone that triggers excess production of sebrum. High sebum levels clog the hair follicles thus forming acne.

Besides taming the estrogen and androgen, specialist herbs have been said to reduce infections and inflammation evident in female and male patients. Other herbs that are essential towards this front include echinacea, dandelion root, licorice, burdock, salvia and red peony. The herbs not only kill bacteria, but they also amplify the ability of the skin to heal.

4. Other Tropical Treatments

Some key topical treatments in use today are seaweed and tea tree oil. These provide a favorite acne alternative treatment featuring powerful and side effects-free antibacterial properties. They are therefore crucial in treating acne inflammations.

5. Psychological Wellbeing

Acne experts believe that controlling and or eliminating stress, anxiety, depression and psychological strains helps in reducing acne effects. That means any effective measure in alleviate stress and maintaining a balanced psychological health is a viable treatment path for acne patients. Such measures include:

o Regular exercise

o Stress relieving activities like walking

o Yoga sessions etc

o Aromatherapy

o Acupuncture

o Meditation


Most people opt for acne alternative treatment mainly because they want to avoid adverse side effects that accrue from using conventional medications for acne. It is worth to note that the reverse can also happen where the alternative treatments becomes a health threat. The lack of regulation and quality control mechanisms makes alternative treatments suspect and you must personally ensure that what you use is safe and effective in treating acne.

Sam is an author for Acne Treatment Finde

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